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   THE CHALLENGE Making healthy choices daily shouldn’t be challenging.  Unfortunately for most of us, it is.  Choose Life Box hopes to bridge the gap in making consistently healthy choices through providing beautiful designer packages that contain small batch artisianal goods that are organic, non-gmo, vegan, cruelty-free and fair trade created by small businesses and delivered monthly to your door step.

   TOXIC REALITY As we all begin to become more and more educated about our less than good food options, there is a larger need for quality goods from health conscious farmers.  Most of us are far too busy to research every product for health safety.  That’s where we come in by doing the research for you and sourcing high quality goods with stellar ingredients and low toxicity levels.  We want to be with you along the way to gaining your health back.

   OUR UNIQUE STANCE Our personal battle with health since 2002 has propelled us to create content and encourage others to be educated and make healthy decisions since 2008.  We care about ingredient integrity just as much as the love we put into our clinets thorugh our design (poabdesigns.com) through our 10+ years in the entertainment, health (mlovelife.com) and art industry (mlovestudio.comloveroboughty.commloveizm.com) and consciously working alongside charities such as Regular Hero, Awaken Arts, ShopStickyRice.com....to create hands on recognition and compassion.

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