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Fresh Place, Fresh Ideas and Fresh Paint.

Home Decor on a Budget for the Renter.

I could easily spend $10,000 on designing, remodeling and upgrading just one single room, and I have for clients. When I envision a room, I think of the memories that will be made there, the purpose, practicality, remember it is a rental and last the budget.

Once you get the inspiration, no matter what it will actually take to create it, you can then use it as a map for how to cut back on the materials or stores you shop at to get the look your going for with the budget in mind.

Because most of you want to create a space for you and your family we'll leave this article up to DIYers!

Think about where you tend to spend most of your time and start your make over there. Imagine what you will use that space for and the memories you want to capture there on camera because you may one day not live there and all you will have are the memories. Think of the space as the room you will take your best photos and get to it!

First I suggest you use the wonderful resource of the web and get an account at Pinterest. By creating a board where you can pull together images of the things you like such as colors, style, furniture, wall art and textiles you will be better prepared to know what you’re visually inclined towards to define your style.

Here's a snap shot of one of my private boards.

After you spend far too much time dreaming through beautiful imagery you will begin to notice a trend. For example you can see there is a strong inclination toward ornate white frames, distressed white painted wood, luxurious sheepskin and a pop of pink with fresh peonies.

If your a short term renter, you are going to want to do the least amount of alterations on walls, ceiling etc as to not leave with more work than it's worth. Use masking tape, but before you stick it on the wall, stick it to your clothing first so it collects the fibers. The fibers will keep it from ruining your wall. You can also think about hanging fabrics with tacks depending on the look going for.

If you’re on a super budget, your best friend will be spray paint, craigslist and possibly thrift stores or HomeGoods, a personal favorite of mine!

Here's a few dope cost effective DIY project ideas to do with objects you have around your home or from thrifting! And it only takes some glue, spray paint and a 'can do' attitude:

And let's not begin to talk about all the things you can do with rope! Ok lets!


Be encouraged as simplifying a room's colors can immediately change the mood for a relatively low price. You can change a whole room based on simply painting most of the items you already have like photo frames, vases, bottles, pots, sticks, old toys, jars, handles, knobs, etc

Below are a few color boards I pulled from Pinterest. Take a look at them noting the vibe they give off, but don't stop there if they don't give you the feel you're looking for. Create a whole board and begin narrowing it down to what you like.

Simply look up Color Mood Board and get to pinning!


One more thing is finding your style. There are some looks that are timeless and some that will in time become dated. If you're not looking to spend money in the near future on a whole new style, I suggest to stick to something simple and timeless. Below are a few interior design ideas that have a unified look to them.

Bohemian Boudoir

Cabin Love


Shabby Chic


Now that you've got your inspiration, items you already have, and construction materials, gather some healthy snacks and homies and have a craft home warming party. Create your style, take photos and make memories!

I would love to hear about your craft parties, ideas and budgets too! Please post them with our community in the comments below!



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