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Why Raw Foods?

Raw vegan foods have a plethora reasons to love them such as antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Raw foods however have something a bit more special to them and that's living enzymes! When I jumped on the raw vegan train just over 8 years ago, I had much to learn and it was thankfully one of the very first things I learned to implement into my diet early on.

What Are Enzymes?

So what are enzymes and why are they so important? Enzymes are biological molecules that break down and speed up functions in cells which lead to a more streamlined digestion aiding to faster metabolism and better nutrient absobortion for the body. Not only do they speed up specific relations but they help bind other molecules together to produce a new molecule!

Why are they so important?

"The enzymes naturally present in food play an important role in digestion by helping to predigest the ingested food in the upper stomach. Cooking and processing destroys the naturally occurring enzymes found in foods. This places the full digestive burden on the body, which can cause extra stress on the digestive system, leading to incomplete digestion. As a result, vital nutrients may not be released from the food for assimilation by the body."-enzymeeducation

Whats A Raw Food Diet?

"A raw foods diet is made up of fresh, whole, unrefined, living, plant-based foods: fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts, and seeds, which are consumed in their natural state, without cooking or steaming. People who adopt this diet are often referred to as “raw fooders” or “raw vegans.”-fully raw

What About Protein?

"There is more than enough protein in the raw diet to satisfy your body’s needs in sweet fruit, which averages 4 to 8% of calories from protein, and vegetables and leafy greens, which average 15 to 20% of calories from protein. This is a surprise to most people, who have been taught incorrectly, that they need large amounts of protein to be healthy. Actually, the reverse is true: most people suffer from an overdose of protein each day, and this accounts for a great deal of ill health, such as constipation, leading to toxemia and eventually, cancer. While excess protein consumption is linked to many acidic conditions in the body and resultant diminishing health, there is not even a medical name for the condition of underproteinization. The acidity caused by excess protein consumption must be counterbalanced by the body. It is done by taking the precious alkaline mineral, calcium, from the bloodstream and bones, setting the stage for osteoporosis and tooth decay. It is no coincidence that fruits and vegetables contain just the right amounts of protein to build and maintain the human body."-fully raw

I also like to think about some of today's most powerful animals like the panda, gorilla and elephant. All vegan.

My Personal Take on the Raw Food Diet

As soon as I read the benefits of raw food, I dived head first. That night, I got sick. But I sure did learn a lot about myself, science, chemistry and how to begin healing my physical body. That night I also vowed to myself to begin juicing exclusively for 2 weeks straight realizing just how acidic my body was!

Over the past eight years I have learned more about the food industry, health industry, how to read labels, labeling laws, the conditions of conventional farming, pesticides, herbacides, additives, chemicals, aspartame, msg, and so much more I wish I didn't so much need to know. Our world is not what it used to be unfortunately and we as consumers need to know what is being put in our foods. We have lost the connection to our soil, our seeds and our foods. All that being said, it shouldn't be so hard to remain healthy, but we need to be educated and intentional if we are to become better stewards of the life we been given.

Today, my daily diet consists of around 75-85% organic raw vegan foods. The 15-25% of cooked foods come from events or family gatherings or well stewarded foods from farms that practice wholesome farming in dairy or meat. Those foods are grass-fed, organic and when possible raw (ex: cheese& milk).

What have I learned from consuming raw food?

  • I was extremely acidic

  • I released 9lbs of weight and has helped my metabolism.

  • Health needs to be seen in whole: Detox, nourishment and consistancy.

  • I realized there was a way to heal my skin from acne that didn't include medications.

  • I had tons more energy.

  • My mind is more clear and focused.

  • The flem I thought was normal is not!

  • Overtime my depression became less and less

  • I had a lot of re-learning I had to do about so many things I was taught in school about health.

  • My plate should be full of fresh produce and a rainbow of colors.

  • Fresh green juices and smoothies are a quick way to jump started my health.

I continue to learn more and more about myself spiritually, mentally and physically. I think the quote below helps express much of what I have been going through in these past 10 years. I look forward to sharing with you as much as I can while I am here on earth. Be blessed!

"It’s impossible le to heal the body, without healing the soul."


Help me learn too!

Share and inspire us in the comments below!

What made you want better more health?

What are you currently incorporating or eliminating into or out of your diet?

What changes have you noticed?







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