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Sterilization Obsessions

Skin care is more than just the moisturizer you put on. Its about proper hydration, intentional nutritious eating, the water you shower with, the sun you expose it to and the creams and oils you moisturize with. But what could be breaking down our skin's natural protective barriers?

Did you know that its better to wash every other day than it is to shower everyday. This is because our skin naturally produces a protective oil barrier called sebum that not only keeps our skin hydrated but protects us from bacteria.

Over sterilization has become an obsession in our world. You see the wipes by your grocery market carts, near kid play areas, pet stores and bottles in the check out line. Antibacterial soap madness is amongst us.

"Most people who use antibiotic soap are no healthier than those who use normal soap. AND those individuals who are chronically sick and use antibiotic soap appear to get SICKER."-Rob Dunn, Scientific American.

Antibacterial products usually have the active ingredient Triclosan in it. There are many studies on the negative qualities but one to note is its ability to clear out bad bacteria as well as the healthy bacteria we need.

"The same goes for other household cleaning. Routinely disinfecting your body and surroundings may actually cause far more harm than good in the long run. Not only does it promote the development of drug-resistant bacteria, but antibacterial compounds such as triclosan have also been linked to a number or harmful health effects, especially in young children.For example, research has shown that triclosan can alter hormone regulation and may interfere with fetal development in pregnant women. This is a potentially serious concern, as researchers recently discovered traces of triclosan in 100 percent of all urine samples collected from pregnant women1, 2, 3, 4 (all of whom were residents of Brooklyn, New York)."-Dr. Mercola.

Unfortunately trilosan is in some toothpastes as well. The delicate highly absorbent skin in your mouth quickly passes the good and the bad. It has also been found in household and personal care products, including cutting boards, toys and acne cream!

Where Do We Go from Here?

As I wrote about detoxing your home and skin care routine here. Here are a few more ideas to keep your toxic intake to a minimum:

Avoid using toothpaste that contains SLS and fluoride.

Don't shower everyday unless you are doing hard manual labor or exercise that i is obviously producing more sweat.



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