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Taking Tradition on Travel

Upon meeting my husband I knew that I wasn't the only one that questioned every system put in place to keep us in place. I finally had met someone who wasn't afraid to journey out-of-the-box with me in thought while imagining the spirit world's fearfully amazing motives and strategies.

In our relationship I was fulfilling a great desire of mine (which I wasn't so aware of until the past 7 years of my life). I was beginning to create a space for my husband and friends to feel a sense of home, a place of tradition in celebrating life together marking all of the milestones in everyone's life.

There is something about doing life together with like-minded folks that God uses to sharpen us in our most vulnerable ways. I have learned so much about not only myself but the One who created me in the last 13 years and I am a firm believer that the company you keep will ripen the greatness or weakness inside you. Life has been nothing short of an adventure and although there has been seasons of sorrow, there have been more and more seasons of joy. These seasons aren't because all the planets aligned, every bill was paid and we had everything we wanted. There has been great spiritual growth and death that has weeded out the unnecessary thinking to make place for joy, peace and hope to take root. I always wanted to bring adventure and new experiences to my husband to let him know he is celebrated and loved. When it was a particularly challenging season for us I made sure I celebrated him even more because I know the war that surrounds us.

These celebrations, traditions are markers that press us toward new chapters while looking back in thankfulness. Someone once said, 'Make home a place your children want to come back to.' With that notion mind, I began build. I always imagined a home full of the aroma of pumpkin spice when the leaves fell in autumn, a tree trimmed and a twinkling as the cold air whisked past our windows in the winter, a kitchen full of homemade heart shaped treats on Valentine's and summers spent fishing on a lake or curled up by the campfire as family and friends shared what God has been doing in their lives. Home is the space I envisioned these seasonal traditions to take place. It's not so much the space or location as it is the company you spend it with. They are the reason we pour out our lives. It is the family that keeps growing and with every season. As entrepreneurs who love the arts, food, travel, nature and getting involved with community building through connecting with like minded charities, making spaces to celebrate can sometimes be challenging. I hate wasting money so you cans why being on the move can be expensive to keep holiday decor. Below I hope to give you inexpensive ways to keep holiday tradition alive if you're on the go traveling with family.

When we left LA, a place we never thought we would call home, our hearts were heavy. The people of LA are more than friends, they are family, they are our home. Seasonal tradition is not something I have left behind. Like the love for my friends, I take it with us. Every dish I create and every decoration I set up, reminds me of all the good times spent with smiling faces of those we love. Tradition on the road looks a little different with every city we inhabit but theres always a way to make it special. Here are a few things we do to keep the celebration sweet while on the road and renting in places like HomeAway and AirBnB...

Autumn One thing I love about God's beautiful creation is He created certain seasons to feature different spices, fruits and vegetables. These are the markers in which to help build nostalgic memories for you and loved ones. Fall for us means raw vegan pumpkin cheesecake, the aroma of cinnamon and listening to the leaves crunch under our hiking boots as we take a stroll in the neighborhood. Here are a few ways we've embraced the fall season...

A Pot of Pumpkin Spice

You know pumpkin spice is really just a hope and a dream because it's really just the beautiful harmony of cinnamon, ginger, cloves and nutmeg that keep the dream alive. Thankfully these spices are simple enough to pick up at most markets in their spice section.

These spices are most festive and fresh if you can find them organic and whole!

2-3 sticks Cinnamon

1 plan sized sliced Ginger

1 whole Nutmeg

2-4 Cloves

*Star Anise optional

*I sometimes like to add in an opened vanilla bean, rosemary, a slice of orange, a pear or an apple that has seen better days.

Throw them all in a pot full of purified water and boil.

Once boiling, turn down to a low simmer.

Wait a while and enjoy the space as it fills with mood-lifting aroma.

Take in Nature

Dress in your best layered outfit and hiking shoes, grab your family and dog(s) and take a stroll in the neighborhood or a new park in your area.

Want to make it even more memorable? Make some yummy Mayan hot chocolates, put them in your yeti cups and go!

Not into making anything today? Take a stroll close tot he town's best cafe and grab their organic vegan pumpkin spiced latte!

Photo Op

Fill up your next photo with the hues of the season and visit a local pumpkin patch! Depending on your neighborhood, this can mean so much more opportunities for fun activities like a hay ride, candied apples, homemade pies, hot apple cider, a petting zoo and more. My insider guide, Yelp has helped me tremendously create memories for the ones I love!

Make it extra special and bring home some pumpkins for you and the family to decorate and place around your home. Creative festive environments and such a great way to celebrate in the every day.

How Do You Do the Fall Season?

What's your favorite way to celebrate the Fall Holiday Season? I'd love to hear or see them! Post below!



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