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Christmas Abroad

Anyone that knows me will tell you Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love decorating the house in

Tulle skirts by Bliss Tulle-Bunny by Sugar Carousel-Bonnet by An Extra Blessing-Wall weaved Art by WeavingMyStory-Baby doll by FrecklesandFlipFlops-Unicorn Mount by MainsailStudio

twinkling lights, baking, writing cards to loved ones, trimming the tree and Christmas music playing throughout the rooms. It's a season where songs about our Creator is played in public places and people seem to have a bit more joy in their heart to reach out to others. Most years I begin playing Christmas music on Halloween... or earlier! If I could have it my way, Christmas would be celebrated all year long and everything would be dripping in tiny warm white lights. But the most important tradition is making sure everyone we know has a place to spend the holidays with homemade food.

This year we set off across the Atlantic to meet nonprofit organizations that share the same heart in loving and serving those in need in their communities. Some are schools that share the same beliefs, some share the same love of art and others are battling some of today's most gruesome injustices like human-trafficking and the current crisis in Aleppo.

I intentionally wanted to give my children a place they would want to come home to every year. A place where they felt connected, welcomed, accepted, loved and genuinely interested in. And with those being a foundation, Christmas festivities that would shape our time together that will become holiday traditions. A few of those things are craft making, cooking together, trimming the tree, watching Christmas movies, sipping hot cocoa and seeing Christmas lights in the neighborhoods, making snowmen, baking gingerbread men, singing songs and dancing, and so much more. It's really about getting them involved in whatever it is we're doing and making it fun. If it starts to become stressful then we won't do it.

On the road, it isn't as easy to do all the things we love but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate the most important thing, the birth of our Savior. And with that here are some things we did to make this Christmas a bit more special at 'home' in one of the world's most adorable Christmas towns, Colmar, France.:

  • Get a live or tiny Christmas tree that can be planted or given away when we leave. -(We couldn't find a tiny live one this time but ill post a pic of the we did find shortly!)

  • Cheap candles to set the ambiance

  • Find an ornament to collect for this years memory and hang it on the tree

  • Find warm fairy lights for the tree and minimal packing (couldn't find any this time around but the candles did the trick!)

  • Get cinnamon to boil for aroma

  • Ingredients to cook a small dinner for us 3. (I'm making Roasted Thyme Chicken, Mashed potatoes, Brussel sprouts and Cinnamon Yams with a regional 2005 Gewürztraminer from Schoenenbourg and local chocolates from the Christmas market by Jaques Bickel.---and fresh mangos and raspberries for baby!)

***Bonus: We were super excited to find 2 boxes of plush red mushroom ornaments in our living room drawer too!!! What are the odds?! God is good!

Our best gift to each other this year has definitely been one-on-one time! What was your favorite gift given or received this year? Do you travel as a family during Christmas? What are some of the ways you try and make it festive?

PS -I'll also be posting pics via instagram and video instastories! Please follow me there too and watch out for my travel pics #MLoveTravels

Hi, I'm Melissa I want you to gain back your confidence & energy in the way you think, speak and act through life-giving decisions. Health is an excellent way to exercise stewardship for the service of others.

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