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World Schooling Infants in Switzerland

There was always talk about world schooling our children one day. We didn't even know it was a

thing at the time but would say "If our kids want to learn about elephants well what better way to learn about elephants than a hands-on experience in Africa or Asia!?"

Sure, we thought it was a great idea, but as far as logistics go? Well, we didn't quite know how that would play

out. Like all our desires, we submitted them to our Lord in prayer and today we can say we are living in those dreams to begin world schooling our daughter from even conception!

In planning our journey we wanted to make sure we took into consideration keeping a routine to

provide stability, security and confidence for our little one but also be cognitive that we are new to this slow travel thing and to remain flexible with what ever comes our way.

Below I'll give you a little insight to the things we keep in mind as we go about our everyday in world schooling our

little one with God first with some insights to Switzerland's foods.


I usually wake up when baby wakes up nursing and with groggy eyes do my best to begin praying. Once I'm fully

awake I usually vocally pray with my daughter and my husband, who is usually already working on video edits

nearby. Morning prayer is everything! Days we don't get it in are days half lived as far as I'm concerned. As

soon as my mind is on, I default to all the must-do check lists in my mind. Opening our day with prayer creates a

space for everything to be placed in its rightful priority stance.

Morning time is when my baby girl is most alert and happy. So this is prime time to get breakfast going, read to

her, ask her questions about her interests (currently it's bows and babies). I make sure to be in-tuned with her

interests that way she picks up what she has focus on and I'm not frustrating her or myself by trying to get her to think about what I want her to be interested in. That being said I do add in different books, objects and things for

her to explore and expand her thinking.

If we are going out early that day I'll pack some fresh foods like organic banana, avocado and maybe dried chewy

superfoods. These are the days we're usually out photographing our environments and days we take advantage to stimulate her mind with different sights, sounds, languages and cuisines. Again, I take notice in what is drawing

her interests. Outside she has been into babies, dogs, trucks, trains, cars, planes, trees, etc. We'll say what it is and the sounds they make and I'll even point out colors and textures. We also talk about how they make her happy or assure her if a loud sound alerts her.


Every individual with a mind goes through life testing authority and it all starts in the home. Our goal is to be consistent, remain calm and give reason for our disciplines. We believe the best way to get a good start in life is

to include her in our every activity as much as possible by allowing her to get things, put away things, choose what to wear (between 2 options).

We want her to be involved. We give her choices and boundaries and follow up on our promises.

Instilling values:

There are things Daniel and I discussed early on that were important to us. Here are a few of the current ones:

  • When playing, if she says no, we immediately stop.

  • If she doesn't want to hug or kiss someone we don't force her to, even if it is friends or family.

  • When naming body parts we dont shy away from private parts because it is not a shameful thing.

  • No topic is taboo.

  • Always respond to her even when were talking to another adult.

  • Encourage conversation

  • Finding her interests and finding a good friend to sharpen her skill that is an expert in that field.

  • Allow her space to figure things out on her own while helping her vocalize if she needs help.

  • Encourage her to greet people as we travel in their language.

Nap Time:

Most days it's anywhere from 12-2, but on days we have a lot going on like trains or planes the time can vary. We

do our best to make sure we're in a location and on those times I try my best to nap with her to maintain my

energy. But on most times I take her nap time to write, map out our next adventure, book our next lodging spot or

do research on various interest for each place like the local water quality or organic produce options or how to find their health stores and read labels.

Meal Time:

We do our best to all be sitting at the table without electronics and Poetica is usually the first to grab our hands to

pray before our meal. We make conversation. Yes she is still just new to this speaking thing but we do our best to engage with her. We make sure that during our time at the table that she doesn't leave until everyone is finished.

Switzerland Food Options:

Finding nutrient dense, living foods in Switzerland during New Years and the winter was a bit harder than I thought

it would be but if you're determined, you will find a few options. Switzerland in the winter is a place for hearty meals full of potatoes, sausage, cheese and beef. But how about some fresh enzymes? Since we were only

there for a short while we frequented a local juice bar, Joe & The Juice, for our daily immune boost. This was a great spot as it is located on the top deck of the train station which is very close to some of the most sought after landmarks like the bridge and a couple noteworthy chocolatiers.

"Switzerland is a health- and environment-conscious nation. In 2005, the Swiss spent CHF 160 per head on organic produce, in particular vegetables, fruit and eggs, and 11 percent of all Swiss farms had been awarded the

organic symbol: a white bud in a green circle. Switzerland has the highest proportion of usable land given over to organic farming in Europe (together with Austria). Hormones and adding antibiotics to animal feed are both forbidden, and all food containing genetically modified ingredients must be labelled as such, with the words

‘genetically modified’ written in full on the packaging. In 1992, Switzerland became the first country in the world to ban battery farming."-Expatica

If you're looking to save the Franc, I suggest looking for the organic stamp of approval in thier supermarkets Coop and Migros located in most areas and making your food in your place of lodging.

Nighttime Routine:

At night after dinner and a bath, we turn the lights on low to begin unwinding.

All social media is away from the bed and in another room if possible when we go to sleep. This way if we want to check emails or grab it if we can't sleep it will be harder and so leaving it in another room makes it easier to unplug.

We all get in our pajamas and everyone snuggles into a big 'meerkat' pile for story time and prayer. We then turn on the white noise and lay her down to sleep. This is when I ninja roll off the side of the bed to write or research or simply take the Lord at His Word and rest at His feet.

I'm interested in hearing from other world travelers! What are your experiences traveling with family? If you haven't globe-trotted with your family but are interested in one day doing so, what are some questions or concerns you may have about the whole notion?

Hi, I'm Melissa I want you to gain back your confidence & energy in the way you think, speak and act through life-giving decisions. Health is an excellent way to exercise stewardship for the service of others.

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